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RF Communications Equipment for Sale

RF Amp

Mini-Circuits ZHL-5W-1A

Mini-Circuits ZHL-5W-1A RF amp covers 5 MHz through 500 MHz with 40 dB of gain. It has a 4 dB noise figure, and can output 37 dBm of power at 1 dB compression. It has a quite respectable 47 dBm of OIP3. For power, it requires 24 VDC at 3.3 Amps.

I have these models with and without the necessary heatsink. For just $350 you can have as many of the non-heatsink amplifiers you could possibly use, or for $390 I'll drill and mount one-or-more on heatsinks. (plus the shipping of course)

These units are brand-new, unused, purchased from a government sale. Mini-Circuits gets $1258.68 for one of these, and that is without the heatsink!

Spec sheet: ZHL-5W

250 Watt Dummy Load

Bird Termaline Model 8141

I have several of these dummy loads. One measures 57 Ohms and has a damaged but usable, N connector. This one with the damage is $20. Another measures 53 Ohms, no significant damage, but has been banged around quite a bit. I'll take $35 for that one. The rest measure 50 Ohms, are used, but in decent shape and are $65 plus the shipping.

These handle 250 Watts continuously, and 500 Watts intermittently. To get a kW CW, and full legal intermittantly, 4 units can be combined, and I just happen to have a kilowatt rated 4-way combiner also for sale. (not shown)

Well, finally after several years I have sold all of these dummy loads.

4 foot Dish antenna

This dish antenna with feed is about 4 feet in diameter. The feed is WR34 with a choke horn feed, and has a waveguide-to-SMA launcher at the bottom end. It was designed for backhaul communications at 26 GHz. I have two like this one shown, and another with a huge shroud to suppress sidelobe radiation.

Scroll down in this sub-window to see additional views of this antenna.

The feed is a question mark from WR34 waveguide with a choke horn at the business end. The brazed-on tube at the end is a support which is clamped into the dish at the front surface of the dish by an X-crossmember.

I can let this amazing antenna go for $250. It would be difficult to ship, so local pickup in the San Francisco Bay area is preferred.

26 GHz Antenna 26 GHz Antenna 26 GHz Antenna 26 GHz Antenna 26 GHz Antenna 26 GHz Antenna
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