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Vacuum Tubes for Sale

4CX10000D and socket

4CX10000D Eimac Tetrode

I removed 4 of these from Collins linears. I have sold 3 of the tubes. The sockets are a grounded screen design, but the screen contact plate could be mounted on standoffs for a non-grounded design. The disk objects on the sockets are bypass caps on the filament connections. $250 for each socket with the chimney, plus shipping. I found one tube with an open filament, so if you want a shelf ornament, just pay for the shipping on it.

All but the open filament tube are sold.

4CX300A and socket

4CX300A Eimac Tetrode + Sockets

I have 2 of these which are NOS (New Old Stock) with the sockets but no chimneys. Each tube is $50 and each socket is $50 plus shipping.


4CX350A Eimac Tetrode

I have 8 of these removed from Collins 208U linear amplifiers along with the sockets. The sockets are a grounded screen design, and are still installed in the amplifiers; however, I can remove them for anyone interested. I'm asking $30 for each tube and $30 for each socket.

All 8 of these tubes are sold but all of the sockets are still available.

4-125A (4D21)

4-125A Eimac Tetrode

This pair is NOS. One has the ceramic spacer in the base missing.

Bag of Receiving Tubes

Bag of Receiving Tubes

I found this doctor's bag of receiving tubes in the garage. I see everything from an 0A2 to a 6050. There must be hundreds of tubes, mostly 6 and 9 pin miniature types. Most all are used, pulled from equipment I scrapped in my younger days. I see some in boxes too. The tubes look dirty in the picture, but it's just the image, they look clean in person.

One valuable tube is an RCA 6199 photomultiplier complete with the magnetic shield. Most others are like 6BA6, 12AX7, 12AU7, some horizontal sweep tubes, a 5R4, (etc.).

I also found at least two Nixie tubes, Amperex ZM1032, both new in their original boxes. There are also at least two new RCA 417A low noise triodes in their boxes. I see a low noise WE 416B too.

Anyone interested in any-or-all of these, simply e-mail me, and I'll check if I have one...

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