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Miscellaneous HAM Equipment for Sale


Guy Line Insulator

I have hundreds of these new unused insulators suitable for guy lines to break up long runs of conductive wire which will resonate and affect the antenna's pattern. At just $2 each they are a real bargain. Each weighs about one pound.

If these insulators are to be sent to Berkeley, California, they are $4.80 each.

HV Insulator

High Voltage Insulator

Hi-tension insulated hangers. Each removable section is rated at 7,500 VAC RMS, and a load rating of 12,000 pounds. With just two sections shown, you can put in that 13,000 Volt, 3-phase distribution bus your wife has been hounding you for.

I have enough of these to string 13 kV, 3-phase for about a half-mile. This 2-section cascade weighs about 30 pounds.

Another great use for these insulator sections would be to support an isolated vertical antenna. With 3 of these at the legs of a tower, they can support a 36,000 pound vertical load, and be able to RF isolate the tower. With the insulators in the previous slide for guy isolation, you would have the makings of a 160 meter vertical.

Hi Voltage Feedthrough

High Voltage Bypass

Both ends have a 2000 pF low-inductance bypass capacitor to ground with a 40 uH inductor down the middle tube. The voltage rating is 15000 VDC. This bypass gets high-voltage into your tube's anode box, and keeps the RF from getting out. I have 4 of these.

Servo Drive

Servo Drive for Variable Inductor

This is a 60 Hz two-phase servo to drive the large variable inductor on the Inductors page. This gear set also allows manual setting of the inductor with the knob.

Xilinx Virtex II

Xilinx Virtex II Development Board

This an unused Xilinx Virtex II development board with power supply and power cord. I have powered it, and tested the supplied firmware - everything works. Just $99 while it lasts...

High Voltage Rectifier

High Voltage Rectifier Stack

I have many of these high voltage rectifier stacks from Collins 208U 10,000 Watt amplifiers. They were in a 3 phase bridge, but with two of these, one could make a single phase, full bridge rectifier. Each module has 18 stud diodes in series with 120,000 Ohm, 2 Watt equalization resistors and ceramic bypass capacitors across each diode. The stack has a PIV of at least 10,000 VDC at 5 Amps. The individual stack could be modified to make a full bridge at a lesser voltage. There is some corrosion on the aluminum corona shield/heat sinks, and some dirt too.

Coated Guy Line Winch Coated Guy Line

Coated Guy Line

This guy cable was made for the US Army, and has a steel core with an O.D. of 0.25 inch. With the black plastic coating, the O.D. is 5/16 Inch. One end has no attachment, but the other end has a fork end fitting with a 5/8 inch stainless bolt attached. The cable has a bundle of a central core, and six surrounding bundles of about 19 strands each. The cable length is a calculated 300 feet.

There is also an included tensioner. The cable free end slips into a groove in the tensioner's drum, and through a worm gear, tension is applied by rotating a hexagonal bolt. When sufficient tension has been placed on the guy cable, a supplied pin is inserted into the drum to permanently hold the tensioner in position. The U-bolt in the tensioner's end has a dual loop for attachment to the guy anchor. Please see the picture to the right for details.

I have more of these guy sets than I can shake a stick at, and would really like to sell them off. I paid $26 each for these in a government auction, and will sell each for $30 plus whatever the shipping is. As I recall, the shipping of the lot was more than the lot itself having to come from the east coast to here on the left coast, so I consider $30 each reasonable.

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